Connectus Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Connectus RTLS Software Features:

    The Client Suite application currently supports:
  • Live map monitoring of personnel and assets
  • Personnel and asset location search
  • Historical position replay
  • Distance reporting
  • Creating and editing map zones
  • Onboarding and Offboarding tags
  • Organization hierarchy of tags
  • Schedule assignment
  • Creating and editing alarms based on zones, mobile hierarchy and schedules
  • Reporting – Last Know Location, Mustering, Inventory, Battery Level
  • Alarm management and report
  • The RTLS application can be accessed through any web browser connected to the network


  • Reduce Mustering Time from Hours to Minutes
  • Improved Worker Safety & Policy Compliance
  • Reduce Unproductive Time Delays
  • Reduce Project Delays & Loss Work Hours Due to a Missing Asset
  • Avoid Overbilling, Improve Contract Workforce Productivity
  • Increased Accountability of Workforce
  • Enhanced Security
  • Improve Process & Reporting

  • Low infrastructure cost
  • Location accuracy up to +/- 2 M
  • Long battery life
  • Long range location receivers
  • Multi technology badges
  • Multiple business rules based on location data

  • Two RTLS modes: True Location and Presence detection
  • Proven reliability in harsh, metallic and dynamic environments
  • Unique scalability to cover thousands of square meters
  • Ability to track thousands of objects simultaneously
  • Software application for monitoring safety and security
  • Seamless integration across multiple platforms (EIS, DWM, SAP, etc.)
  • Out of the box Mustering, Last Known Location and Headcount reports
  • RTLS – Knowing What, Who, Where & How

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