What is Dr.i-Coach?

Dr.i-Coach is a patented, one-of-a-kind sensor and software package that can help users develop and maintain proper computer habits to help prevent and reduce Digital Eye Strain (DES). as well as Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

Features and Benefits



What Dr.i-Coach does?

Helps individuals, businesses and organizations reduce and manage Digital Eye Strain to preserve long term health of your eyes, neck and back (Musculoskeletal Disorders).

What is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital Eye Strain is the ocular discomfort felt by many individuals after two or more hours in front of a digital device – mainly a computer. Digital Eyestrain Symptoms

  • Itching Eyes
  • Irritated Eyes
  • Headaches
  • Eye Fatigue
  • Blurred Vision
  • Burning Eyes
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain

Key Digital Eye Strain Risks

  • Blink Rate
  • Time on Computer
  • Monitor Distance
  • Posture
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Outdated eyeglass/contact prescription

Why Address Digital Eye Strain?

  • DES can cause long-term damage to eyes if not addressed properly.
  • DES can lead to MSD’s as a result of over-compensating for the eye strain and fatigue.

Costs of not addressing Digital Eye Strain.

We know that not properly addressing Digital Eye Strain (DES) and incorporating it into Risk Management and a good Ergonomics program that prevents and/or reduces Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), can be very costly in real dollars, injuries, employee morale, accuracy of work and productivity. According to OSHA estimates, a single MSD can cost the employer $82,305 and the typical Fortune 1000 company will pay $1.3 million for every 1000 employees due to preventable ergonomic injuries.

Critical Issues.

The most critical issue with DES is that it has led to an usual amount of suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome.  Left unchecked, Dry Eye can lead to long-term damage to your eyes and at high risk for Corneal Erosion and Abrasions.

As a result of DES, we start to over-compensate by leaning in (also know as forward posture) towards the monitor which then causes long-term neck and back pain.

Effectiveness of Dr.i-Coach.

What makes Dr.i-Coach very effective is the reminder system built into the software.  Compliance is very high when we are reminded to do something – think about your last doctor’s appointment.


The image “Posture Violations” illustrates how we can prove the pop-up reminders work to change bad computer habits. In month one, we turned off the pop-up reminders so we can establish a baseline of the number of violations.  Notice over 10,000 posture violations! Months two, three and four, we turned the pop-up reminders back on and the posture violations dropped by almost 40%!  The reminders work! Month five we turned the pop-up reminders off and not only did the posture violations go back up, they went even beyond the first month’ s violations! Months six and seven, reminders turned back on. Looking at month five, violations were the highest.  Looking at month seven, the violations were the lowest.  This pattern suggests that the user was complying with the reminders and actually making improvements in the behavior as a result of having the reminders.

Reduce the risks – reduce the injuries!

The violations were a risk factor that contribute to musculoskeletal issues, which we know cost companies money and the employees pain, suffering, increased absenteeism and affects quality of work.

What Makes Dr.i-Coach Unique?

What makes Dr.i-Coach unique is the fact that we are the only company who has addressed the blink rate as a key risk factor in Digital Eye Strain. Additionally, we can physically track and record it in real time and produce hard data. We are able to track and help reduce all the key risk factors for Digital Eye Strain.

Newly Enhanced Dashboard

We have recently enhanced our software to address the needs of organizations and corporations, our newly enhanced dashboard allows for:

  • The designation of an administrator who can view all users and monitor the data in order to help minimize the risk factors for DES and MSDs.
  • A snapshot of risks based on a color code and “eyeQscore”.
  • Addition and deletion of users by the administrator.
  • Acquire the data to load into an employee file when assessing risks.
  • Download the latest version of the software.
  • Request customer support.
  • Renew the annual software subscription.

Monitoring the Top Risk Factors for DES

Digital Eye Strain in most cases will lead to Musculoskeletal issues if not addressed.  MSDs are a leading cause of work related injuries, especially in the office setting where employees are sitting in front of computer screens for many hours. Since 70% of our posture is connected to visual function, we must address the risk factors for DES, especially the Blink Rate, as there is no other product on the market that can measure the blink rate and provide real-time feedback to help correct it.

In relation to Corporate Ergonomics, it is critical to address Digital Eye Strain in order to make other corrections that are being made to help reduce injuries as a result of bad computer and work habits.  One example is buying an ergonomic chair for someone who is having back pain.  You can spend $500.00 for a true ergonomic chair, however, if DES isn’t addressed, the employee will still sit in a bad posture that causes back pain because they naturally lean into the monitor when their eyes are straining and/or fatigued.  At this point, you just wasted $500.00 and haven’t fixed the root cause.