iBaby Smart Baby Camera

    iBaby M2C 1080P WiFi Smart Baby Monitor:

  • Portable Baby Monitor: The compact design of this baby monitor makes it easy to take with you. Visit your family or friends for the weekend with the peace of mind that you can watch your little one with the same baby monitor you use at home.
  • 2.4GHz Band: This baby monitor works on 2.4GHz band, which means it is easier to install, less interfering to your other devices, and better for video streaming viewing, etc.
  • Flexible Base: The flexible monitor base is easy to manually position to any hard surface. The tube like structure can also be wall mounted or wrapped around objects like lamps. The package comes with a simple wall mount.
  • Multiple Users: You can invite multiple users, allowing your family members/friends to watch over your little one too. Set the baby monitor to private with the private button to exclude users.
  • Instant Smartphone Baby Monitor Alerts: Alerts will come as push notifications, pictures, or 12 second video clips based on your notification preferences.
  • Secure Baby Monitor: Uses the highest AWS security server to ensure your baby is being monitored from a safe and secure device.
  • Social Posting: Post Images or Videos from your baby monitor on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Help family and friends keep updated on your baby’s growth with our easy to share baby monitor photos and videos.


    iBaby M2C 1080P WiFi Smart Baby Monitor:

  • This baby monitor with WiFi has a built-in Moonlight soother with a unique moon and star night light, 1000+ lullabies, Keep your baby comfortable and calm with this soothing moonlight feature UPGRADED NIGHT VISION AND AUDIO.
  • iBaby Monitor M8 connects to your smartphone or tablet over the Internet, so you can easily check on your baby from anywhere and at any time. The monitor turns 360° and tilts 110°, giving you an all-inclusive view of the baby room.
  • The video is streamed in full 2K HD, and you will get a clear picture even at night with the monitor’s night vision. You will also hear your little one clearly with the monitor’s two-way audio and echo cancellation.
  • With the monitor’s Music Player, you can play lullabies that are recorded in the library, or record your own voice to be played at a later time.
  • iBaby Monitor M8 is equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor that will make you always aware of the environment in your baby’s room, plus with Moonlight projector, iBaby M8 monitor create a magical environment right in your own home! Beautiful night sky projections and soothing lullabies will transport your baby off to Dreamland.