Transparent projection display

We currently offer 4 lines of transparent projection display products on the films:

TransPlayTM: Where an laser scanner with safety interlock is applied to display programmable animation and custom text messages on glass. The TransPlay product is designed to create massive, vibrant 3D-like images onto water-clear screen, viewable from dual-sides of the screen. The laser image is fully blocked by the emissive screen, and the safety interlock detects any intrusion into the projection zone and temporarily turn off the laser to prevent accidental laser exposure. Such safety measures made the laser display product to be Class 3a or less.

MediaGlassTM: They are employed to display large and scalable HD-Video onto optic-clear screen, with unlimited viewing angles. We offer monochromic or color video displays on optic-clear screens.

Full Windshield HUD: We offer OEM a complete set of developmental kit to custom-build various full windshield display applications; we also offer after-market and specialty vehicle companies a HUD solution to display bright image anywhere onto existing vehicle windshield under sun light, with large range of projection angle and flexibility for vehicle installation, and unlimited viewing angles for drivers.

GloPointer: The first laser pen solution that works on any LED, LCD, OLED or Rear-Projection screen. The GloPointer Screen Protector System includes: 1. A special, patented, completely transparent screen protector pre-cut to fit standard big-screen dimensions; 2. A standard 405nm Blu-Ray laser presenter (must be used together with the screen protector).


  • Brighter indoors and outdoors
  • Line Art / Line Drawing
  • Mono/Dual/RGB Color
  • 3D Display

Media Glass:

  • Brighter indoors
  • Video Display
  • Mono and Color
  • HDMI/VGA Output


  • Video or Line-drawing Display
  • Mono or Dual Color
  • Unlimited viewing angles
  • Easy integration or installation


  • Produces a bright, glowing blue dot that is clearly visible from the back of the room
  • Screen protector is completely transparent, zero effect on display image
  • Screen protector can be removed without damaging display – apply it the same way as other screen protectors
  • Matt finish minimizes laser reflection
  • Currently used in windshields for Head-Up displays and retail signage
  • Film easily adapts to use as a screen protector