LED lights

  • Long life – LED lights have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, or about 5 years of continuous use; using the light bulb for only 8 hours a day can extend that to over seventeen years. Compare this to a typical incandescent bulb, which lasts for 2,000 hours, while fluorescent bulbs last about 10,000 hours.
  • Less heat – LED bulbs remain cool when they are used. Significant leaps in technology have allowed it to operate at 80% efficiency, meaning that 80% of the electrical energy will be converted into light. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs have operate at 20% efficiency; 20% of the electrical energy produces light while the other 80% produces useless heat.
  • Size – LEDs range in size from 3mm to 8 mm long.
  • Warranty – Our LED lights are guaranteed to work for 5 years.
  • Mercury Free – Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED lights do not use mercury in the manufacturing process.
  • Durable – LED lights don’t require fragile glass casings, and do not lose efficiency when cycled on and off.
  • Instant max start – LED lights require no warm up period; they will immediately achieve their maximum brightness when turned on.
  • Cost Effective – LED lights use less power to generate the same amount of light, generate less heat, and last longer than other artificial lighting sources. Switching to LEDs will save considerable money over time.
LED light bulbs:

  • Wide Beam Angle
  • Ultra High Efficacy
  • Smooth Dimming
  • Mercury Free,No UV No radiation
  • Life warranty 25,000hrs at L70

360 degree full glass tubes:

  • Perfectly Fits Traditional Luminaries
  • 360 degree full directional Lighting
  • External Power Supply Gains More Reliability and Sustainability
  • Less Metal Usage in Structure Optimizes the Cost Control
  • Ideally Suitable Even at Low Temperatures

IPS easy retrofit tubes:

  • Revolutionary Build-in Power Supply with No Compromise on Stability and Life Warranty
  • Flicker-free and Instant On with No Need to Warm Up
  • Ideally Suitable Even at Low Temperatures


LED Par lamps

  • Dimmable
  • Smooth & Precise Beam Control
  • Optimized Thermal Management
  • Ideal Replacement for Numerous Applications with Traditional Par Lamps

LED spot lights

  • Mercury Free, No UV No Radiation
  • 40W Equivalent Halogen Performance
  • Smooth & Precise Beam Control
  • Optimized Thermal Management
  • CBCP Matches Standard Halogen Lamps

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