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An IoT Company Providing Intelligent Interface Products and Services for Information Interaction and
Human Health.

  • Year Founded: 1993
  • Registered Capital: ¥35.153 billion
  • Stock Code: Jingdongfang A (000725), Jingdongfang B (200725)
Science & Technology
  • Granted USPTO Patent amount in 2017 – from IFI Claims.
    BOE, with 1,413 granted patents, ranking to No.21 from No.40 (2016), making it the fastest-growing company in Top 50 with year-on-year increase of 62%.
  • BOE Alta wins iF Gold Award in 2015, the only Gold Award product from China.
Smart Terminal
  • Analog paper grain grinding
  • Lossless gamma technology
  • Smart light technology
  • Three-stage automatic boot
Cloud platform
  • BOE cloud server builds by oneself
  • Appreciation, communication and trading platform
Art content
  • Collections of paintings from all around the world
  • New Artists Settle in, Digital Art Copyright and Commission Mechanism
  • Hardware & software Dual electronic copyright protection mechanisms
Value-added services
  • One theme, eight official promotion works appreciation every day
  • Regular art theme pushing
  • Screen time & weather tips


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